Posted by: mchleen | March 21, 2009

The Georgetown Cupcake Smackdown! Georgetown Cupcake Results…

Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes!OK, so I’m a day late with the results of Round 2 of the Georgetown Cupcake Smackdown, but I needed some down time to recover. Never fear! A decanting of Trader Joe’s finest Two Buck Chuck chardonnay and a few episodes of Top Chef did the trick. Now to the business at hand…

I knew I was hot on the trail to Georgetown Cupcake when I began swimming upstream against an ever increasing frequency of telltale pink bakery boxes. I turned the corner on M Street and ran smack into a sidewalk filled to bursting with a mob of cupcake groupies, white-sneakered tourists, pretentious Georgetownites and preppy undergrads – all waiting eagerly for their turn to enter the tiny storefront. Like ants to a sugarcube, denizens flowed in to and out of the Georgetown Cupcake storefront. Buffered by my MA* buddies we inched forward and within 15 minutes were inside and rewarded with the waft of the heavenly warm smell of baking cupcakes! The staff’s smiles were equally as warm, even in the throes of what appeared to be a run on their entire stock.

To be completely honest I was dreading, to a small degree, the nausea of another sugar and caffeine overdose. But I girded my loins and dove in – all in the name of research my fair friends. I was to be pleasantly surprised however. Perhaps it was that my iced coffee was coffee and not espresso based, perhaps it was that the cupcake frosting wasn’t pure whipped sugar, perhaps it was that the cupcakes were smaller than Baked & Wired…but for whatever reason I survived.

Sampled were: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lava Fudge, Lemon Blossom, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, but we found that it was impossible to stop at just one of these little cakes! In all areas these cupcakes trumped Baked & Wired. They were a bit smaller but more than made up for it with moister, tastier cakes, icing that was creamy and less sugary (the white icings seemed cream cheese based). Lemon Blossom had real quality lemon zest in the cake and the peanut butter icing on the Chocolate Peanut Butter was good and peanut-buttery. Much like a friend that you’d like to have they were more about substance and quality and less about appearances. And Lulu can attest that the Sugar in the Raw packets were equally tasty to Baked & Wired’s.

Two gooey frosting thumbs up! Georgetown Cupcake wins the Georgetown Cupcake Smackdown with an authoritative and sugary bodyslam.

FYI: 3 cupcakes + 1 small iced coffee = $10.28. Cheaper and better! Hotdog.

* Mother’s Anonymous (a.k.a. MA) = Sanity in numbers for adult commiseration and hilarity, usually aided and abetted by an afternoon cocktail. Fun by the fistful in squealing and laughter for the kiddos, usually aided and abetted by bananas and Goldfish crackers. Best friends and best times for everyone!

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