Posted by: mchleen | March 13, 2009

The Georgetown Cupcake Smackdown!

cupcake smackdown!…perhaps better called, Death by Cupcake Coma…or Dance With The Diabetes Devil…or Eat it? Nah, Just Slather It On My Thighs

I was inspired by Capital Spice’s search for the ultimate cupcake and my fine ladyfriends of Mom’s Anonymous* heartily joined in. Most of those lucky stiffs are nursing or pregnant so they’ll probably be able to eat a whole dozen and still have burned every single one of those empty calories while they’re still licking the frosting off their sugar-encrusted lips.

And what is it about cupcakes? Is it that you get to eat a whole cake in one sitting all by yourself? Is it that they’re just so adorable? Is it the always-fun aspect of finger food? Is it indulging the child in us? Do we care – or should we drop the philosophising and just get to the eatin’ already?!?

Two of the top finishers in the Capital Spice tested bakeries are located in Georgetown while the others are scattered around DC and NoVA, and so with all of us towing at least one scampery 2 year old, we all suffer from short-lived attention spans. We’re pretty lucky to ever complete a whole conversation when we get together. So we’re raising the stakes and just two bakeries it is!

This afternoon: Baked & Wired.
Next week: Georgetown Cupcake.


* Mother’s Anonymous (a.k.a. MA) = Sanity in numbers for adult commiseration and hilarity, usually aided and abetted by an afternoon cocktail. Fun by the fistful in squealing and laughter for the kiddos, usually aided and abetted by bananas and Goldfish crackers. Best friends and best times for everyone!

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