Posted by: mchleen | October 22, 2010

Marriage is an empty box

Whoa.  Boy.  How depressing does that sound?

And I suppose it would be pretty depressing if you just left that box empty.  But if you fill it with lots of wonderful and exciting trinkets it’d become a real treasure trove, wouldn’t it?

I came across this anonymous ditty the other day:

Marriage is an empty box.

It remains empty unless

you put in more than

you take out.

So.  Food for thought.

I find that focusing on giving rather than receiving, staying young-at-heart, laughing often and keeping an interesting variety of challenge and adventure in life fills my box pretty well.  It’s hard work though, keeping that box full.  And sometimes I get greedy.  I take and take and take and put off to another day the refills.  And man, it’s a doozy of a bummer to go over there in a pinch, looking for something wonderful and finding nothing left.

Marriage is work, but rewarding work with pleasing results.

Marriage is work, but if it feels more like a chore then think about that box.

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