Posted by: mchleen | October 23, 2010

Where I Ikea pimps me for free

What a cheap whore I am.  I’m doing this for free.   **tisk, tisk, tisk**

Once upon a time, waaaaay back in the spring of 1999 I moved to the DC metro area and tricked-out my first solo apartment in all of Ikea’s finery.  It was lovely.  But cheap.

Ikea has wonderful stuff that’s nice to look at, but let’s just take the lipstick off the pig right here.  Particle board isn’t built to stand the test of time.  That is if is survives beyond the infuriating, smash-inviting, vague assembly instructions with which it is packaged.

But dudes.  I bought a couple of dressers back in 1999 that survived, in practically perfect condition mind you, three moves – daily use – and now demotion into a toddler’s room!  And they still look great.

Sad to say though, that the plastic drawer rails have finally expired.  They gasped their last breath yesterday and collapsed.  We have a pricey changing table that didn’t have the fortitude to suck-it-up and stick-it-out for its baby’s infancy.

I’ve thought about going out and splurging on some real, quality, North Carolina-built stuff for my chicklette’s room.  But you know what?  I think I’m headed back to Ikea.

Once you get a taste for it you just can’t quit.


  1. I … need … more . . . posts!

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