Posted by: mchleen | June 8, 2009

The Candy Lady is a dentist – didn’t you know?

candycandycandyFile this under “Things That Irk Me.”

I took Ava into a gigantic candy store in Alexandria yesterday. It’s one of those places where you pay by the pound and they have any type of candy that you can imagine – and even some that you can’t. Case in point: Ava selected a brown very lifelike gummy worm (mmmm, delicious!…???).

Anywho, as we were paying for our loot the proprietor noted that Ava was sucking her thumb. This would be the supplier of literally tons of sugar…the peddler of potentially thousands of cavities… And do you know what she said? That sucking of the thumb is horribly damaging to the teeth.

If we were in a contest for person least qualified to make that observation? She’d win. Hands down. Haha…or should that be thumbs down?


  1. I have been reading and I’m hooked. Keep the great commentary coming. I forgot how much fun we used to have… We really do miss you guys. xoxoxox

    • Who knows – maybe we’ll find a great house down the street and just follow you guys wherever you go! Stalkers-R-Us.

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