Posted by: mchleen | August 7, 2009

Gotta-have-it gadgets!

cherry pitterEven though I can buy pitted cherries in the frozen food section of my grocery store, I’ve decided that life-as-I-know-it cannot move forward without a cherry pitter.  [I know…  Wow – you say to yourself – this gal must be about as deep as a puddle.]

This of course has led to my compiling a mental list of little gadgets that I lack that could make things that much more interesting and/or easy.  Like a:

  • knife sharpener (I only have the stick thingy and I don’t know how to use it – in fact I’m pretty sure I’m dulling my knives quite effectively with it)
  • extendable rod duster to get those little cobwebs in the pot lights/cathedral ceiling corners (no, no, no, not marijuana lights dummy!  pot lights – like, recessed, in the ceiling)
  • handheld shower attachment (so that I can clean the shower walls without drenching myself in the process)
  • Blackberry for remote email/blogging (because I just have a feeling that the home DSL’s going to shut me down again at any moment, leaving me in an internetless blackhole where existence ceases to be)
  • squirrel eliminator (seriously…how much of my house and deck and garden am I supposed to let them eat?)

How about you?  What’s indispensable?


  1. While this suggestion is not nearly as fun as many of your other gadgets, I find blood meal (can be found at Lowe’s or the Depot) does a great job of keep the tree rats out of my garden. You are supposed to work it into the soil when you plant, but who has that kind of time and forethought. Sprinkle it in your garden and grassy areas…it should help. If not, get a gun! 🙂

    • Is there actually blood in blood meal? Because if there’s going to be blood, would the blood of one squirrel deter all others? Because if so…I know the perfect candidate for the sacrifice – and it’d cost $0.00.

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