Posted by: mchleen | February 3, 2009

No More Tangles!

Shirley Temple-esqueno more tangles

Neither my husband nor I have experience with curly hair – especially curly fine baby hair like our Shirley Temple-esque daughter has. It’s been a real challenge to find a shampoo/conditioner that will be gentle on her hair as well as her eyes and skin.

We’ve tried detangling sprays but they leave a residue that makes the hair crunchy. Adult conditioners are too heavy. Not using conditioner at all leaves her hair dreadlocked and impossible to comb. We’ve tried so many products in an attempt to find something mild, effective and inexpensive.

EUREKA! Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tangles shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I suspect that the No More Tangles shampoo and conditioner for straight hair works just as great.



  1. Mike! I use the no tangle shampoo and conditioner for straight hair for Sarah James! Her hair is so fine and tangles easily, and this shamp/condit combo works wonderfully!

  2. As a curly-haired girl, and the mom of two curly-haired wild women, I have much experience in this matter! I find that the CHeapo-brand of walmart detangling spray worrks really well. I have tried expensive ones (Paul Mitchell is a fav) but I keep coming back to the wal mart brand. you have to put it on when hair is almost dry, and let it sit for a minute. My other tips – dont let your kiddos wash their own hair – if you can help it. They make BIG knots that way. Also, if you can encourage them to wear their hair in a braid when they sleep (Is Ava’s hair long enough for this? Rowan’s isnt, but Avery’s is) it makes a big difference. Enjoy it now, because when they get older, they will likely spend tons trying to make it straight!

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