Posted by: mchleen | June 21, 2010

Is the C.I.A. the Wizarding World for Foodies?

A hearty fist-pump and shout-out to the CIA (that’s the Culinary Institute of America) for training a chef so exquisitely that he could make every single morsel that passed my lips this past week one of the more delightful that I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting.

If Chef Pete’s (a.k.a. Peter Ziegelmeier) skills are any indication, and you are considering a career in making mouths happy, fer shizzles check out the CIA.  His humor and creativity were perfectly complimented by a healthy sprinkle of artistic temperament which could only mean that every meal was his palette of pride.  And impress me he did!  (And if you check out that link on him that I’ve provided, you’ll see his recipe for 5 Step Ribs – which I ate, then died, then died again before I could utter the words to describe their heaven.  Seriously.) Currently he can be found conjuring culinary delights aboard the M/Y Rena. YOU. MUST. CHARTER.

Please to enjoy, the “Octopus on the Reef” lunch served to my 3-year old for lunch.  I doubt that she could consume something more fabulous in her wildest imagination:


  1. Must you keep bragging?!

    • Yes. And you will love the stories. And then one day you too shall drink from the fountain of pleasure that is the M/Y Rena.

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