Posted by: mchleen | June 7, 2010

Shhhh! I’m stalking my neighborhood Cool-Mom.

When we first moved to our current home I immediately took note of the young couple living across the pond from us.  And definitely because they had a full-blown Jimmy Buffet tiki bar party that I desperately wished I could attend.

To my credit (hopefully), I’m not really stalking.  I mean – they live directly across from us so I see them without even trying practically every day.

They have great parties a few times every summer.  I listened to and watched her one summer evening playing the banjo on her deck.  And they often sit outside enjoying a bottle of wine together watching the ducks on the pond…and maybe stalking us?!  One can dream!

So flash forward to a year later, yesterday.  I met this really cool mom at our pool: hip, hilarious, not turned off by my frequent allusions to a wish for a gin & tonic, and her toddler son was adorable, sweet, and generous (unlike many of the socially-stunted kids we often see around).  And when pool breaktime was whistled, she took my daughter for endless laps around the pool with her son in their wagon, so that I could read.  I was in love.  So I watched them to see to which home they returned when they left.  Perhaps so I could plan an “accidental” running-into at a later date…

Where did they live?  YES!  The Jimmy Buffet house!  I’d met her!!  (and I think she likes me too.)  **one step closer to closing the deal**

Should I…like…send her a note?:  Do you like me too?  Check YES or NO.

**OMG!  SQUEAL!!**

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