Posted by: mchleen | April 26, 2010

Açaí, açaí, the magical fruit…(plus magical vodka!)

Beans, beans the magical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot, the better you feel
So let’s have beans at every meal!

Remember that one?  While I will never advocate toots outside the confines of one’s own private, personal space (you know…you’ve been victimized, or have knowingly inflicted the torture you jerk) beans are very good for you – they’re SUPERFOODS.

I’ve been on a big antioxidant/superfood kick lately, wishing to kickstart a new healthier me.  Açaí is one of those buzz-superfoods you’re hearing all about these days (they’re sort of like supercharged blueberries).

So far the results of my antioxidant/superfood forays are positive but part of the diet modification has included a much decreased alcohol intake.  SO SAD!!  I know!  And as many dream of pastries while dieting, I am dreaming of fabulous cocktails while abstaining.  Next time I whip up a tasty one though, I think it’ll be one of these:


2 parts Absolut Berri Açaí

1 part simple syrup

1 part fresh lemon juice

Shake and serve straight up. Garnish with fresh blueberries and mint leaves.

HEALTHY VODKA!?  Hellz yeah.  We can call it that, right?  And I’m thinking this might be my summer cocktail of choice…although I’ve got another great one that I’ll post soon that I know – from experience – is wicked awesome for the hot afternoons and evenings.

Meanwhile, eat your fruits and vegetables!  (and beans, within reason)

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