Posted by: mchleen | April 14, 2010

Two things that I cannot do:

1. Make rice.
2. Grill a steak perfectly to medium rare.

My friend Carin N. healed me on the rice front though.  It always stuck to the bottom of the pan or was still watery.  Turns out that when you leave it to simmer it is IMPORTANT to leave the lid on.  No peeking/stirring/fluffing!  I now make some bomb-ass rice.  Thanks C-Money!

As for the steak front…help???

And what’s the best cut anyway?  You know, for backyard grilling* not restaurant eating.  I enjoy a solidly marinated flank steak but am pretty clueless on other cuts that would be scrumdiddlyumptious.

* FWIW – I have the Meat-lover’s Bane (unless you’re Hank Hill): a gas grill.


  1. You can have your brother in law grill you the perfect steak anytime…as far as cuts of meat, again, refer to brother in law…no clue.

  2. GFacch has a great book that will teach you all you need to know and more. I am also positive that he will teach you and feed you all at the same time…you know us and cooking for friends!

  3. I cannot bake chocolate chip cookies worth a hockey puck or microwave a bag of popcorn w/out some of it burning … but I can cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Go figure.

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