Posted by: mchleen | April 14, 2010

Twitter. Fritter.

Granted, a phenomenon but unless you are promoting yourself WHAT A WASTE!  I mean it’s the internet equivalent of blah-blah-blah.  And jeez man!  I mean the amount of time it takes to keep current such a socially demanding obligation!

I joined and posted a bit but burned the hell out friggidy-fast!

From Twitter’s own creator, Jack Dorsey:

“We wanted to capture that in the name—we wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket. It’s like buzzing all over the world. So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word “twitch,” because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But “twitch” is not a good product name because it doesn’t bring up the right imagery. So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word “twitter,” and it was just perfect. The definition was “a short burst of inconsequential information,” and “chirps from birds.” And that’s exactly what the product was.”

Yes Jack.  Spot on.  The idea of twitching is not good marketing imagery.  The idea of buzzing in my pocket, however, elicits lots of sophomoric snickers from me – sorry.  But he had a good idea.  Check that.  It IS a good idea.  But for the average person: WHO CARES?!?  I mean – what better things could you do with your time spent each day reading all those Tweets?

Total time suck.

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