Posted by: mchleen | April 12, 2010

Death and taxes…

Benji Franklin said it – that “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Ain’t that the truth?  Well, and that I will have to put my foot in my mouth no less than 3x/week.

April 15th is Tax Day!  Aye-yi-yi!!  Sound the alarms!

We filed early – electronically and via TurboTax (sweet sweet lovely software that you are) – and were fortunate to receive a refund.  Probably because we’re such good little doobies (not.).  Actually, I sort of hate that though, because I know that I’m giving an interest-free loan to a government that already is all spendy-spendy-spendy…oh and we need even more money…TAXES!

ANYWHO…what was my point?

Oh yes.  If you live near me – the McDonald’s on Duke Street (near the Home Depot) just reopened after a renovation.  And on April 15, for Tax Day, they are offering 49¢ hamburgers and 59¢ cheeseburgers.

You can eat your feelings.  Taxes got you down?  A McDonald’s burger can help that.

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