Posted by: mchleen | March 31, 2010

Red hot Tinkerbell slippers. Thanks Target!

So.  The Law of Target* proves correct.  However! Let it be noted that I found these sweet honey house traipsers on clearance for just $1.48.  Red, gold sparkle, pompoms!

The daughter covets them, I feel frisky, and they have the added benefit of built-in cat toy. Plus three points: me.

Unfortunately the cats are not declawed.  Minus one point: me.

Also unfortunate?  How chunky this photo makes my calves look.  Minus two points: me.

We’ll call it a break-even.  A keeper at $1.48.

*  You will always spend more than you intended.  Go in for toothbrushes and toothpaste?  Come out with that plus some Clorox wipes, J&J Lavender Baby Oil, Aveeno body cream, two basic tank tops, Easter candy, a terrific idea to spend $180 later on a garden bench, and slippers!

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