Posted by: mchleen | January 4, 2010

She’s electric!

Footie pajamas may seem harmless but they are not.  They are fleece death traps.

Picture if you will, an inpenetrable electrical field surrounding my daughter. But now recognize that the origination of this dire force is her simple and seemingly benign choice of sleepwear.

I cannot touch her or kiss her without receiving a healthy crackling zap for all my care. Talk about disincentives…

You know what’s neat though? Bedtime. Drag a fleece blanket up over some footie pajamas in a dark room and you get a show of bright blue sparks worthy of most July 4th displays!

Now, if I kept my daughter damp while she shuffled around in her footies we’d be OK but something tells me that’d go over like a lead balloon.

So in the meantime I wince and grimace as I tentatively reach out to her with one finger, or make sure that I’m grounded first before kissing her cheek.

I’m also considering putting her to work as an alternative energy source around the house.


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