Posted by: mchleen | November 29, 2009

Holidays: I love/hate you.

Re: The Holidays This May Concern,

I hate the stress and planning – whether it’s the packing and travel or the hosting.  I do however love the actual holi-DAY and all the fun we have on that date.

And by the way – is it too much to ask that we not hear Christmas music or see Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving?  Really?  And why do we celebrate Thanksgiving so close to Christmas?  I love that Canada’s is earlier when the leaves are prettier and the two holidays have a little more time between them.

Maybe nobody agrees with me.  Maybe I’m just easily stressed by the holiday season?  It just feels like Halloween is a big kickoff to a stresstrip that doesn’t conclude until New Years’ Eve!  No wonder people party party par-TAY!

Man-oh-man…the fun of family and friends, cocktails and cooking, decorations and festivities, travel and loved house guests.  But man-oh-man…the go-go-go of it all!

I’m bloody well exhausted and still have to do my Christmas shopping for a rapidly expanding family, travel internationally and be very, very merry and cheery houseguest for almost two weeks.

Sincerely BAH-humbug,


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