Posted by: mchleen | November 17, 2009

The post where I grudgingly admit that “Twilight” is a guilty pleasure.

I mentioned a few entries ago my reticence to pick up the book Twilight.  Since then I have not only completed it but also ripped through New Moon in just two days.  I am not proud.

I also ordered the Twilight movie on Netflix (disappointed – just tally it under “the book is always better”).  On paper I would appear to have come under the spell.  Truth be told, I did not enjoy them all that much – but then again I did.

I found practically every character to be immensely irritating in their stock stereotypes and melodrama.  There was a fair bit of eye-rolling on my part.  Although to be fair, my friend Melanie advised me to keep in mind the targeted young adult audience and if I remember high school, it was rife with stereotypes and melodrama; just recall your yearbook superlatives and the seismic breakups of two-week old relationships.

I read an interesting article on Salon that helped me better understand a bit of my love/hate perception of the series.  I think I understand my dislike fairly well but have had a harder time understanding how/why I liked it.  Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favorite books, so when the article drew a parallel I appreciated the enlightenment.  Both books are successful because they embody timelessly appealing character types, only dressed differently for their times.  Heathcliff/Edward: dashing, intelligent, rich and appealingly aloof and difficult.  Catherine/Bella: sweet, loyal, innocent, ingénue, in search of true love.  Who doesn’t like a good ol’ traditional love story?  And feminism aside, women love to be adored, worshipped and protected.  You may shake your fist at me, but admit it.

The writing was fluff – it took practically ten pages of babble before any true description or action occurred.  On the plus side though, this meant that I flew like a (forgive me) bat out of hell through the book and finished them in just a few days!  It was a welcome feeling of – albeit illusory – accomplishment.  I could use a little of that these days.

So I sit here wondering whether to give the book a thumbs up or down?  Well, it’s was like a Twinkie.  Desireable, sweet while indulging, but left me feeling empty and wondering what else I could have had that would have been better.  Mmmm brain candy.  If you’re in the mood for a good fruit salad, read Wuthering Heights.  If you’re in the mood for Fruit Loops, read the Twilight series.


  1. This makes me smile. You HAVE to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn now. New Moon was my least favorite of the four so you can’t stop there. They keep getting longer, but it doesn’t take any longer to read them.

    The movie is the same way for me — I think it’s AWFUL yet I’ve seen it several dozen times. It’s totally my fruit loops.

  2. I’m still too stubborn. No harry potter or twilight series for me, thanks. But at least I can live vicariously through you and you can tell me all about them.

  3. and you publicly admit this on you blog for everone to see! do you have no shame or are you confessing your sins to the world?

    • That’s an easy one. I absolutely have no shame. I’m a shameless shambling fool.

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