Posted by: mchleen | October 15, 2009

Throwing in the towel for Twilight

I’ve thrown in the towel.  I’ve caved.  I’ve borrowed Twilight from my local library.  At least I can still say that I’ve not read any Harry Potter books.

Honestly, I don’t know from whence my aversion stems.  Really!  I don’t fancy myself some highfalutin intellectual, but let’s note how self-conscious I was entering the Young Adult section at the library – rife with vampire, medieval lore and other fantasy.  My youth was spent reading the Brontes, the Anne of Green Gables series and Ayn Rand.  I dabbled a bit in the choose-your-own-adventure series and Stephen King but otherwise skirted the fantasy genre.

But you can’t call me close-minded.  I enjoyed most of the Harry Potter movies and the mass hysteria that is accompanying the releases of the Twilight movies either indicates mass appeal (and worthy of a dabble if only for curiosity’s sake) or a mass popularity trend (a compelling adolescent phenomena in which all we adults participated, be honest!).  So I’m falling down the rabbit hole and cracking open the first Twilight book tonight.  See you on the other side!

*  And thanks to Mel at What Am I Doing In Mexico? for suggesting Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch.  It sounds intriguing!  And I better read it soon because I have discovered rumors that it is being adapted for the big screen – a surefire way to ruin a good book – with a few exceptions.


  1. I’m glad you’re interested in TOML!

    My word of advice about Twilight is to remember that you (we) aren’t the target audience. I really enjoyed the entire series, but I also read it with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. It’s a fun story & she does a great job capturing that teenage longing for love, so hopefully if you take it for what it is, you’ll enjoy it.

    • Thanks Mel – and you make a good point. Exactly the reason I’ve toyed with going back and reading a Judy Blume or two… 🙂

  2. I’m on book 3 of the series. One and two were good, but 3’s focus doesn’t seem to be the vampires. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Did you or are you planning to?

  3. I read the Twilight books – not the best literature but entertaining…and then I got into the Sookie Stackhouse series thanks to True Blood on HBO. I got “sucked” in to them, to say the least…no pun intended.

    • HA! “…sucked into them…”. Excellent. I agree, having just finished the book. I would read dozens of pages to get barely anywhere – but then I guess that made me feel like I was “devouring” the book. I have the movie coming on Netflix this week, b/c I think that it would make a better movie. It’s exactly what I expected: easy and entertaining. I don’t regret reading it; it was nice to add a little variety to my literary stream. 🙂 Maybe we can go watch New Moon together when it comes out?

  4. Deal – we’ll fend off the haggle of 13 year old girls and check out the next installment 😉

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