Posted by: mchleen | October 14, 2009

Random, useless information

fuck itI’m suffering from an acute case of apathy my dears, brought on by the depression of returning to the daily grind following a fabulous week visiting home in RI and a blowout wedding in coastal CT.  And compounded by 3 – count them, 3! – colds back to back.  Oh boohoo, I’m such a whiner.   So lacking any motivation I’ll just dribble out some thoughts and call that a post.

  • I might be getting a Blackberry Storm soon and am inappropriately excited about it, considering my Hausfrau status.  But look at me!  I’ll be all hip and modern and connected.  So very on-the-cusp of things!  Got any suggestions for good applications?
  • Current greatest source of anxiety is a potential move to the NYC area.  Will we/won’t we?  Long Island/New Jersey?  Love it/hate it?
  • Got a new haircut!  I had the stylist go all choppy-choppy on me and went from long  and tapered, to above the shoulders and blunt and wispy.  It’s amazing how a simple change like this has made me feel so much more stylish.  And it only cost $40 in RI!  I’d have paid at least $75 here in DC.  Sweet.
  • Ava needs a haircut.  Her ringlets actually work themselves into dreadlocks multiple times per day.
  • I made Ava a simple castle out of a cardboard box and decorated it with crayon drawings.  The look of pure excitement on her face almost made me cry.  Just goes to show that plain old boxes are indeed some of the best toys on earth.
  • Ang ripped out our tomato plants the other morning.  I have about 15 lbs. of green tomatoes now though…let me know if you have any ideas for them other than fried green tomatoes.  I sure don’t.  Well – anti-squirrel munitions…
  • If there is a God he will bless me with the power to finish this “Eat, Pray, Love” book.  If I wanted to sit in on her therapy, she should have invited me.  I feel duped.  I thought I could gloss over her self-discovery and glean some entertaining travel anecdotes.  Don’t hold your breath.  Please give me some suggestions for something light and entertaining to follow this book.  I need a mental vacation.


  1. You can make salsa with green tomatoes. Very yummy. 🙂

    Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch is great!

    • Thanks Mel! Any particular recipes? And the grass is always greener I suppose…b/c I’m thinking that green tomato salsa would taste so much better in toasty ol’ Mexico. Wishing you speedy resolutions on your move!

  2. I wondered where you were.
    I can’t recommend any blackberry apps, unless they are the same as iphone apps. If that is the case, I’m liking bejeweled and wurdle.

  3. Hey Mike! we need to see a pic of your sassy new hairdo!!! And how do you like your Blackberry Storm? I want to get one, maybe in a few months or so.

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