Posted by: mchleen | September 18, 2009

Potty Mouth

Yesterday at the library (of ALL places!), Ava was busy crawling into small spaces on the lower shelves and dubbing them her “nests” and she bumped her head.  She wasn’t hurt per se, but it did elicit a response.  To be clear, this came from her – not me.

“Oh, fuck.”


As she had just said it quietly, almost under her breath, I ignored it.  Perhaps more due to the paralysis of not knowing exactly whether it would be better to draw attention to the fact that she had discovered a word that DEFINITELY gets attention, or to pretend that she had said nothing at all and would therefore never repeat it.

I’m not pointing any fingers in this tiny household of mine, and I’m no innocent either, but I fully expect her to repeat this word in the not-too-distant future.  But I’m still paralyzed by how I should handle it.  I’m thinking that I should be firm and clear:

“What the fuck did you say?  We don’t fucking say things like that.  Say it again and you’ll be in big fucking trouble young lady!  Shit.”



  1. Hahahahaha! Been there!

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