Posted by: mchleen | September 18, 2009

Movie morbidity…downer dinner…glum gals?

I’m having some girlfriends over that I haven’t seen in a while or dinner and a movie on Saturday night.  I’ll fire up the grill and get my sizzle on (fo’ shizzle!) – flank steak and veggies – and we’ll assuredly drink copious amounts of wine and gossip like a clutch of egg-laying hens.  Giddyup!

Plans also include a movie so I picked up a few that I thought looked good but it wasn’t until a few minutes ago, when I emailed the gals the synopses of my selections that my Debbie Downer Alert went **ding-a-ling-ling**!

No comedies, no chick flicks, no lighthearted romances.  Ohhhh no, no, no!  Madame Morbidity here chose three gut wrenchers:  Tsotsi, Once and 21 Grams.

Criminy!  What the hell is wrong with me?  Naughty hostess!  Naughty, naughty…  Too bad that Couples Retreat job isn’t out on DVD yet – looks good and chuckly and easy to digest from behind a red meat- and wine-induced coma curtain.


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