Posted by: mchleen | September 15, 2009


Did you know that just having a plumber snake your toilet costs $180?  I didn’t have him do it though because it looks like the culprit pink sparkle bouncy ball wouldn’t come out anyway.  So it looks like we’ll be getting a new basement toilet.  Guess how much?  $550.00  For something to which you do unspeakable things.

While he was here I had him peek at a nuisance leak in another bathroom.  I mean it drips maybe twice per day.  Let me tell you friends: what appears minor often is not, especially when it comes to plumbing.  The tank of that toilet is cracked – hence the leak – and at any moment could crack fully open.  A previous owner apparently tried to fix it by slathering the interior of tank with plaster…do not do this or risk tremendous plumber outrage and wrath.

So.  That’s two new toilets.  $1100.00  One thousandy-dy one hundred clams.  I was expecting more like $300.00 for tightening a bolt and resetting a toilet.  So why not go for the gusto?  How about these?

Looks like it’s time to sell a kidney.



  1. Holy shit! Yeah, that seems an appropriate word for this, huh? Are you sure about $550 just for a toilet?? I’m pretty sure you can get them cheaper at Home Depot. Sounds like, at this point, you just need a handy man and not an expensive plumber to install….. I’d loan you mine but we have him really, really busy on the renovation. I can ask him if he knows of anyone that can install for you, if you want.

    • When I relayed the saga to my dad – he just about choked on his own tongue with outrage! He’s coming in a week to install the $100 toilet we will buy at Home Depot. As for the cracked tank – we’ll just switch out the good one attached to the bad bowl. So that’s just one toilet and free labor. Guess who just saved more than $800? Yep. THIS GAL!

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