Posted by: mchleen | September 2, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love…SIGH.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Am I the only one who is having a hard time getting through this book?  I’m one prologue and one chapter in and it’s a total chore.

It’s not the writing or the content so much as the author that I’m having a hard time with.  I get that she had to abandon her marriage to find her true happiness, and that it wasn’t easy – it never is.  I get that she was frustrated that she didn’t know herself – it’s a rare and lucky person who truly does.  And I do not begrudge anyone chosing whatever path, spiritual or physical, brings them closer to inner peace…but this woman is just so PREACHY.  Her narrative flaps and self-flagellates like one of those used-car lot wavy wind-arm men.

I can’t help but believe that this woman and I would never be friends.  All the moaning and groaning…and looking outside of herself for a fix.  She seems the kind of person who talks a good game about making herself a better person but really just adopts a new cloak as a band-aid to get her through to her next personal crisis.

Man am I a bitch.  Such a hater.  I’ll stop.  But we’re not obligated to like or even appreciate everything are we?  I hope that she is in fact truly happy and enlightened now.  Then again having the $$millions$$ from the book probably helps. (oops!  there I go again…)

Hopefully I’ll be able to follow her through the haze of emotion that she’s thrown-out up front in this book and join her in her realization at the end.  We shall see, we shall see…

Tell me that it’ll get better?  Because I am not the type of reader who can put a book away until I finish it – boring or awful.  Or can you give me some type of insight that I may be missing that will make me more sympathetic?  Please??



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