Posted by: mchleen | July 6, 2009

Straight outta’ the Arlington library!

Go ahead and chillax for a bit...

Go ahead and chillax for a bit...

Yo, yo, yo!   I’m comin’ to you straight outta’ this place…

You see our DSL at home went down and I’m too good for dail-up.  It went out on June 28th (as a special gift to us on our wedding anniversary) and the technician can’t get to us until July 9th.  Yup.  July 9th.  Thanks for nothing Verizon.

So please bear with me while we experience technical difficulties.  This is most decidedly nota test.  I’ll be back soon with oodles of stories of personal scandal and depravity, anecdotes from America’s wonderland and smoothest wallet rapist (Disney that is), and most likely something food-oriented – because you know me…I LOVE FOOD.  Mmmmmm…

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