Posted by: mchleen | May 28, 2009

To wax – or not to wax. Recommendations?

freshy freshThis may be a tough one for the fellas’ out there…go ahead and skip this one…well, unless you self-wax or depilatate…I know you’re out there you hairy backed men. [Oh, but while we’re on the topic what’s so bad about a hairy chest on a guy? It’s masculine and a matter of taste. But hairy backs? I get that. Wax/shave/depilatate that sh*t.]

Most of you readers are conspicuously silent in your commenting – I know you’re reading! So please, please, please comment here because as far as waxing goes, it’s not an arena in which it is pleasant to experiment. I’m talking pits and bikini areas. I’ve resigned myself to the butchering of my legs, having already scarred and pitted them ‘since I was 13 – I’m a horribly inattentive leg shaver as far as attention-to-detail goes. But those other places? I really want to have it together.

Like a junkie begging for the high-grade stuff – what works?? ‘Budget doesn’t allow for saloning every 2 weeks and I just KNOW that it can be taken care of at home. And I’m of Norwegian/northern european decent so I’m sensitive and not Brillo Pad heavy. (that was too much wasn’t it?)

God – I regret writing this already. There are lines that can be crossed, and I think I’ve crossed one. But to be honest, if we met and got on the topic I’d probably be saying this to your face too. I’m an oversharer. Deal with it.

Now tell me – wax, cream? And let’s talk brands (Veet, NADS, Nair, Sally Hansen?). C’mon – summer’s here. Help a sister out.



  1. I wish I could be of help here, but as I am of the swarthy Mediterranean persuasion, my only personal solution is to have a professional take care of my bidness. I scoff at your OTC hair removal methods! Especially since now that I’m six months pregnant, I can’t even see what’s down there… so relying on someone paid to take care of that nastiness for me is my only choice.

    OH! I *do* have one recommondation: Tend Skin is a great after-removal product… you can get it at Sephora and I’ve seen it at Aveda, too. It’s awesome for keeping post-removal bumps and redness and breakouts under control.

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