Posted by: mchleen | May 22, 2009



Did you hear me? Did. You. Hear. Meeeee???

‘Ever feel like you have so many fronts to confront that you just end up spinning in circles and not accomplishing anything at all?

My mom thinks I’m a deadbeat daughter, my toddler is indulging herself in the Terrible 2’s all day today – screeching for needs that are just unintelligible enough for me not to be able to fulfill, the house has become irresistible to ant invasions, the cats won’t stop filling their litterbox with biohazard level stink-bombs, and worst of all my legs need shaving and I can’t find the time to nick myself into a bloody pulp.

Thank God my pals are having Mexi-Game Night. Cervezas and guacamole: you are balms for my soul! Do you think that if I took a Calgon bath and stirred in a few Xanax that they’d also soak into my skin? … leaving me silky soft both physically and psychically?

When are you too old to run away from home?



  1. I’m running away as soon as you do. I’ll meet you there.

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