Posted by: mchleen | May 3, 2009

Mommy pick-ups; dust off your dating skills!

gossipingI took Ava to her second gymnastics class on Friday and guess what???  I think another mom totally tried to pick me up.  It’s been a while since anyone, male or female, tried to pick me up so I couldn’t be too sure that’s what was happening until I paid close attention this week to her tactics.  And you know what’s funny?  I really dug it.

She’s cute, well dressed, outgoing and her daughter is super adorable!  Maybe she thinks the same about me – or maybe it was just that both of our daughters have big soft ringlet curls and so she was actually attracted by my daughter – not me.

I’ve been “dating” the same group of moms since Ava was born (holla’ to my MAs!), and for good reason.  Just like dating it’s hard to find the right fit.  She’s got to be hip, cute, smart, generous, not take life too seriously, and have the enviable skill of being able to be bitchy from time to time without actually being a bitch herself.  If you suspect that I haven’t made too many other mom friends because my qualifications are high, then charge me as guilty.  But you can’t knock it because it’s definitely paid off – my MA pals are my sisters-from-another-mister!  (yeah, I said it…what a dork.)

Anyway… this mom at gymnastics used all the standard opening pick up lines last week to get the ball rolling: “what’s your daughter’s name?”, “how old is she?”, “you must be proud of her, she does so well in class and obviously really enjoys herself!”  And this week ever the smooth operator, she went so far as to complement me personally: “does she get her beautiful hair from you?”, “you both have such sparkly personalities!”, and the best one of all “I love your shoes!”

I think that next week she may try to seal the deal and invite us to do something together, because as we walked out to the parking lot she learned that we live near each other then mentioned a dance/music class that she was considering for her daughter and thought we might also enjoy.

Yep, this old girl’s still got it!  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go plan a perfect outfit for next week’s class – one that makes me look hip and pulled together yet completely approachable.

I hope I don’t scare her away by cursing too much or mentioning my love for martinis too often…  or worse yet I find out that she’s a competitive materialistic bitch.  Then I’ll have to dump her and I’m really really out of practice.


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