Posted by: mchleen | April 30, 2009

Skinny Bitch? Nope. Wrong Bitch is more like it.

I heard an interview this morning on the radio with the authors of Skinny Bitch.  Initially I was interested as it involved diet modifications and along with the Jillian Michaels routine I’ll begin tomorrow I thought their advice might prove insightful.

As a person who majored at one time in biology and with a microbiologist mother raised on a farm in Oak Glen, So. CA, I was appalled to learn that their advice wasn’t based so much on scientific/nutritional evidence but rather on militant anti-animal product biases.  They’re both vegans and it seems that their diet philosophy is based upon that, not true health.  They stated that meat should be avoided because it is rotting flesh but that vegetables are good because they are living when you eat them.  Ummmm newsflash!  …unless you are crouching at the vine and eating them directly off of the plant, fruits and vegetables are also dead when you eat them.  They also advocate for veggie/vegan products that taste like meat.  I don’t completely disagree with this tactic as long as they also acknowlege that these products are just as incredibly processed as many meat products.

Can’t we all just try to buy locally, organically grown food – meat, veggie, fruit or otherwise?  Get your exercise and practice portion control.  It’s really just as simple as calories in vs. calories out.

Those Skinny Bitches are really just Dumb Bitches.  Yeah – I said it…  And I didn’t even have to read the book.  Watch Fast Food Nation and the PA extras on the DVD for real, good, factual reasons to either go vegetarian or to buy local meat.  These chicks are just another canned LA solution to finding your inner waif.


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