Posted by: mchleen | April 15, 2009

Go Diego Go…oh no you didn’t!

iguanaThe featured challenge today on Nickelodeon’s Go Diego Go show was how to quickly transport a large quantity of tiny strawberry seeds from Diego’s house to his grandfather’s. What was Diego’s solution? Our ever resourceful Mexican youngun had his pet iguana ingest them. And I quote: “If green iguana eats all the strawberry seeds then she can poop them out at [grandfather’s] farm!…Chew! Chew! Chew!…Iguana, do you think you can hold all the seeds in your stomach until we make it to [grandfather’s] farm?”

Wait. What?

But a problem later ensues when the poor little iguana just can’t hold it anymore and tells Diego, and I quote again, “I don’t think I can hold the seeds any longer…I really gotta’ go!” But Diego keeps her calm saying, “Don’t worry green iguana, I’ll get you there.”

Ummmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

The day is saved thanks to a Mexican traveling with a “mule” courier, and helping to make sure that the package arrives intact? Did I really just see that? Is that an appropriate lesson or stereotype to promote? Call me twisted for seeing it this way and not as a more natural lesson about vegetative proliferation and cross-pollenation, but seriously, can you blame me?

Tune in next week when Nickelodeon has Diego help a friend make it across the border by finding the shortest, least treacherous tunnel to San Diego! And don’t forget the secondary lesson, to never trust an iguana.

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