Posted by: mchleen | April 10, 2009

I’ve invited Jillian Michaels to kick my ass.

Homer mumuIf you don’t know of her, Jillian Michaels is the female half of the physical trainer team that whips the contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser into shape.  Jillian’s website claims that a person can lose up to 20 pounds in the 30 day span!  WHAT?  ‘Sounds too good to be true?  I think maybe yes, but on it’s only $8.49 and I’ve been hearing so many success stories that couldn’t pass up the chance to try it, right?

I wouldn’t call myself a fatty per se, but I do need to tone up and shed a few pounds – my goal is 15 pounds lighter, upper arms that don’t look like flappy wings, and firmer thighs that will allow for shorter shorts.  The formula for weight loss is so simple: calories in vs. calories out.  But consumption isn’t my problem, finding the time or motivation to work my booty is.  The last thing that I want to do when I have some time to myself is work more.  This is where the allure of the 30 Day Shred hooked me.  It’s just 20 minutes of intense circuit-training workouts focusing on strength, cardio and abs.   I can fit in 20 minutes during Ava’s naptime and still have time to catch up on celebrity gossip and maybe run a dust cloth around a few things!

I’ll keep you posted!  Either I’m going to finally break through the post-childbearing fat ceiling and be able to tighten my belt another notch and strut my hot new self – or I’m going to go down in burning flames and have to head out with the girls and drown my shameful lack of motivation in margaritas and cheesy nachos…in a mumu.



  1. Girl, you are so far from a “fatty.” You look amazing, but we ladies are our own worst critics, and I can totally relate. Much luck with the new regime, but I’m happy to scarf down some cheesy nachos with you anytime.

  2. Good luck! I did the Shred for 30 days, every day, and definitely noticed a difference in my stamina, but it took another week or so to actually see much difference in my body. Now I’m trying to do it at least every other day and I’m finally fitting into my clothes again.

    One good motivator is to remember that in half an hour IT WILL BE OVER. I like that it’s broken into three circuits because nothing lasts for longer than a minute. 🙂

  3. Do you have Comcast? On the On Demand channel, there is an exercise/fitness section and both Jillian and that other guy from Biggest Loser have exercises routines on there…some of hers are pretty good. And they’re free! There is also pilates, cardio and other stuff…my coworker did them while on maternity leave when her kids were napping.

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