Posted by: mchleen | March 4, 2009

Staunch the flow! Help me.

balloonheadI have such a critical sinus drainage issue that I’m sure I’ll be just a withered husk by this afternoon. My sinuses are packed and previous treatment hasn’t done anything other than restore my hearing. I feel like a bobblehead doll and am sniffling nonstop between nose-blowing. Sudafed Non-Drying Sinus did zippy. Will you help me? My immediate caretaker, Ava, can only suggest more episodes of Little Einsteins.



  1. Hey Sista
    Have you tried a Neti Pot?

  2. I believe that Neti Pot is the brand name of the torture device I outlined a few posts ago… A device only to be used in times of deafness and torture.

  3. Hopefully you’ve recovered by now. For the future, drink lots of fluids especially ones with lots of vitamin C. I know this sounds like a combination of “put on your big girl skirt” and “homeopathic” but it helps me when I’m plugged. And imho, if it lasts seven to ten days-it’s a cold, any longer and it’s a sinus infection (ie: treatable with antibiotics, so go see your doctor.)

    Again, I truly hope you’re feeling better.

  4. I don’t know if I understand exactly what you’ve got there– are you stuffed up or flowing so much that you’re dehydrating?

    Anyhow, whenever my sinuses are messed up in any way, I just boil a kettle, put my head over the steam and then tent a big dishtowel over my head AND the kettle to keep the steam in. A few minutes of deep breathing (mouth and/or nose if possible) and I’m good to go for hours.

    Nice work on the site, BTW.

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