Posted by: mchleen | March 2, 2009

We are experiencing some minor delays…

snow day!What was that I was saying about Springtime a’poppin’?? Perhaps the pollen went to my head…

We are currently experiencing a pristine and fluffy four+ inches of winter wonderland. I am at peace with this interruption of my springtime salutations only because it is (a) so damned lovely and the snow casts a muffling blanket over the urban static of the metro area, and (b) I know that springtime is just a few weeks away thus guaranteeing no more snow (right? right?!? please?).

You will also be amused to hear that we made it through the winter without a snow shovel – which means that this morning Canadian Ang went out and “shoveled” the driveway, steps and sidewalk with nothing but a broom and a short-handled garden spade. Now THAT’S a man. A man that probably won’t be able to raise his hands above his head by this evening, but a MAN nonetheless. And he’s mine all mine.



  1. Given these comments, I am going to ask for something special for dinner tonight.

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