Posted by: mchleen | February 27, 2009

Riiiing! Deafness. Tumor? Nope…sinus flush!

sinus flushing kettleI’ve gone deaf in my left ear. Well, except for the ceaseless high-pitched ringing. I’ve also been staggering and slurring like a drunken pirate. I was sure it was a brain tumor. Au contraire mes cheries! Did you know that sinus pressure can cause enough pressure to mimic deafness and disrupt equilibrium? I sure didn’t.

A close inspection by my doctor of my nasal cavity indicated sinus congestion, although I don’t have an infection so she won’t prescribe anitbiotics. But she HAS prescribed sinus flushing. Sinus flushing is a disgusting and inhumane practice, the details with which I will not offend my dear and gentle readers. Suffice it to say that it feels like drowning. I’ll let the picture do the talking. Rest assured that the cuteness of the kettle and the cranial discomfort are quite inversely proportionate. Pray for me and my voluntarily-drowning self.

Oh, and if I should invite you to a tea party in the near future? You may politely decline.


  1. HAHAHAHAAAA, I do this once a week to stop sinus infections. It is never fun.

  2. It’s a neti pot! The forum I hang out on has an entire thread dedicated to the genius that is the neti pot.

    Good luck to you – that can’t be fun.

  3. Genius? Maybe in torture circles. I’m pretty confident that they must have used this in Guantanamo Bay in lieu of waterboarding.

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