Posted by: mchleen | February 26, 2009

Springtime is a’poppin’!

dc cherry blossomsI don’t know if the rest of you DC area folks have noticed but springtime is around the corner and recognizing the undeniable physical signs so excited me that I practically capered about in a happy dance!

Yesterday I noticed the songbirds singing at daybreak for the first time since late last September. The bluejays have returned and the robins should be here any day. The trees are pushing out buds on the tips of their branches and you may even spot some daffodils beginning to peek up and out. All indications point to springtime!

I know many of you little groundhogs out there are still burrowed deep, longing for the warm days of summer. Weep no more! The DC Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 28th, and once those blossoms are out there’ll be no denying it! Holla’!!

* Note: Just to be clear, the picture above is what it will look like in late March/early April. It did not look like that prior to Old Man Winter dusting us with a hefty 4+ inches. Or I’d be peeved. Really peeved.


  1. I love springtime in DC!

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