Posted by: mchleen | February 25, 2009

Throw me a bone.

ideaI’m at a loss for something to blab about.  If you know me, you know that this is usual.  Help a sister out.  I’m opening it up to you. 

What would you like to read about?  I’m a pretty open book – so feel free to suggest anything.  Inspire me!  Pretty please with sugar on top.



  1. Topic number one: What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?

  2. How about your thoughts on California’s plan to legalize and tax marijuana. Do you think is a good idea? From a parent’s point of view do you like the idea? What are your thoughts on marijuana being a “gateway” drug? Do you think that their plan will actually work and bail them out, or do you think it is a short-term fix that will have long-term repercussions?

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