Posted by: mchleen | February 22, 2009

Technology: Why is it that the better it gets, the harder it gets?

technology confusionAm I looking a gift horse in the mouth?  Life becomes more sophisticated but also more complicated.  Is it worth it?

Two things inspired this entry: (1) a new “baby” in the house arrived this week with the purchase of a new HD flat screen TV, and (2) my newest space challenge – electronic storage for pictures and home videos.

The first item I shouldn’t really complain about too much, because my family’s quality of life has improved as far as being able to relax together in a more inclusive environment.  Or have I been drinking my husband’s justification Kool Aid??

We’ve got a big couch that will fit at least 8 seated adults (or better yet 2 heavily blanketed movie-watching reclining ones!), large open space for children running and scattering toys hither-and-yon, and the outdoors literally right here out the door complete with grill and entertaining space.  BUT – and you men may protest stringently on this point – the technology is practically counterproductive.  Between the TV capabilities, the BluRay, and the DirecTV satellite options, my brain is about to explode!  Just turning on the TV involves intense concentration on my part, which seems self-defeating, right?  “Tune in and tune out” is my TV-watching philosophy.  Not to mention I have at least 20 books in my Must Read list and 3 back issues of Washingtonian magazine.  Is it too early for my medicine (e.g., red wine/soaking bath/gossip rag)?

As far as the second item, I’m really asking you.  What are your strategies for storage of priceless memories in these days of digital clutter?  Burn them to CDs?  Buy a new hard drive?  I’m terrified that this dear old computer will crash and burn and I’ll lose my memories.  And before you *pshaw!* me trust me, if you knew about my college days you’d know why I have reason to not trust my memory capacity.


  1. I back things up on DVDs, but an external device is a good idea as well.

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