Posted by: mchleen | February 18, 2009

You say cabin! – I say fever! – CABIN FEVER!! CABIN FEVER!!

sleetI’m going a little bit nuts.  No – check that.  I’m going ALOT nuts.  Mother Nature sent us weather in the low-70’s for a few days then backed out of the deal and slapped us in the face with sleet.  SLEET not snow.  I guess today is just going to be a bitching vent-session. 

My house is filled with the whining of requests for more cookies, more Little Einsteins, more grapes, a cat clawing the couch and turning it into a pile of un-company-appropriate yarn and stuffing fluffs, a litterbox that needs scooping, carpet that’s still not dry from steam cleaning yesterday and begining to make me worry about mildew, sheets that should be put in the dryer, vacuuming to be done so that I’m not walking on crunchy crumbs anymore, me still in my sweats, sleet clicking against the cold sliding door right here, not going skiing in UT this weekend, no more skiing this season probably at all, loooonging for spring and summer and beaches, and wasting my time writing this drivel.

P.S.  For the record, I was advised to write about the awesomeness of Jason S. but that would have had to be too long an entry – I mean, who can come up with a finite list???  Or to write about bikini waxes or shaving italian mens’ bums, both too graphic – or are they?  Or the topic of parents who “pimp” their children with logos that even the most minor pedophile would find irrestitable.  (For the record, I agree and will most likely address this later.)  Thank you for your suggestions – I’m always open to them, and inappropriateness doesn’t bother me in the least.  In fact I’m much more interested to write about the inappropriate than the mundane.  Speaking of which – this P.S. is becoming mundane.  Peace out MoFo’s.  Hope your day is better than mine!


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