Posted by: mchleen | February 17, 2009

Who knew that bodily fluids could bring such joy?

toilet trainingSo while I was out this evening and my husband was preparing my daughter for bed, she announced to him that she had to pee. This is not unusual – although she normally waits for the diaper to be applied before she performs her special type of dirty magic.

Tonight however she actually peed in the toilet! For the first time! And we weren’t even toilet-training her! She’s obviously a bodily functions genius.

I never foresaw that I – Michaeleen, lady extraordinaire – would be both excited by and enchanted with toilet functions. A new era has dawned. All hail…



  1. That’s awesome! I will store this away for when we have kids – my hubby always makes fun of me for saying I have to pee, but apparently it helps them learn! 😉

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