Posted by: mchleen | February 10, 2009

Social awkwardness in modern times. Damn you Facebook!


So what do you do when you haven’t been in contact with someone in ages, find them on Facebook, “friend” them, they accept, then they don’t respond to you? Are they your friend or not?

Let me give you a for-instance. I have an old friend, let’s call her Joey (in the interest of our respective privacy). We had a sort of falling out a few years back. I didn’t return Joey’s phonecalls and just generally neglected the relationship. I did finally attempt to make restitution and she seemed open to it, but then I failed her again. What Joey doesn’t know is that I was dealing with some relatively heavy stuff at the time and basically fell off the face of the earth to everyone.

So now, thanks to Facebook I have Joey back in my life. Well, virtually back in my life. She hasn’t written me back or responded to my asking after her. But she “friended” me!

Now I’m all awkward and feeling transported back to 5th grade where classmates passed notes asking each other to be our friends/boyfriends/girlfriends. I can’t stop wondering: does she like me??? Joey please answer my note – check one of the boxes: YES (I love you, I’ve just been busy), NO (Piss off! For God’s sake can’t you take a hint?) or MAYBE (I have reservations – I heard that you are now morbidly obese with horrible back acne and I don’t want to be associated with you, or more likely, are you going to break my heart again?).


  1. I have similar situations with a couple people. One in particular, I haven’t spoken to since she no-showed at my wedding, but as a gesture of goodwill I friended her. She accepted, but we’ve never spoken beyond that. Another that I had a falling out with in college – we’ve become friends again. So, I guess it goes both ways.

    I try to at least say hello on the person’s wall when we first become friends (is that like a first kiss? lol) so I’m putting it on their shoulders.

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