Posted by: mchleen | January 22, 2009

Marriage. Who gives more?


Is there always one person in the marriage who gives more? The old adage is that it’s a 50/50 endeavour – or you each give 100/100. But really? I think it’s more fluid than that. So as a woman or man, do you tend to give more because you are respectively conditioned to be more sensitive and giving or does the man give more because he is a protector and problem-solver?

I find men pretty easy to understand and cater to…but men seem a bit more stimied by us. But I’ve never been a man so I don’t know…

Marriage is (for me anyway) immensely rewarding but we also bring our own baggage. Will that baggage get heavier as the years of shared experiences accumulate, or will our burdens feel lighter due to that sharing?

Women tend to want to talk about feelings and to dig deeper while men would rather not go so deep and just deal with the technicalities, and so I wonder – do women get the short end of the stick? Is marriage equally fulfilling to both of the sexes irregardless of their styles?

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